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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 17-04-2013 16:51:40

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Spanish african "regulares"

Following my previous post on spanish tropical uniforms here I post some information about Spanish "Regulares".

This units were created in 1911 in Africa they were  intended to be military units made of Spanish and Moroccan personel intended for North African theater given they were local conscripts and they could perform better and improve the relations between local population and spanish troops.
Their uniform were of sand colour for tropical environements and their distintive mark is the red "tarbuch" wich reflects it's african origin. In the beginning these Batallions ( called Tabors) were made of 80% moroccan soldiers and a 20% spanish but with the end of Spanish ocupation of Morocco this units have evolved and now most of their personel is from spanish origin but they still keep several "african features"for example their bases are still located in African territories in the north African coast, they still keep a large tradition of recruiting foreigners and personel from northern Africa ( in fact in these units the mixture of races and religions is enourmous finding a significative part of muslims and jews in theirs ranks) and altohugh their uniform has evolved from the past they still keep the red "tarbuch, the sand uniform and the white cloak ( inspired from the bereber tribes) for parading.
Once the war in Africa came to and end they started to be used as shock troops first in the Spanish civil war were they took part in all the major campaigns and afterwards in other conflicts overseas.
They are still active and in the recent past they took part in the Lebanon, Kosovo and Irak campaigns and there's still a tabor (batallion) deployed in Afghanistan, when in campaign it is hard to distinguish them from other spanish units because they use the same camo uniforms as the regular army so some veterans still like to distinguish themselves carrying the red cap on active duty.

Uniforms of a spanish seargeant and a moroccan standar bearer around 1920

Uniform for a "Regulares" second lieutenant dating around 1937 used during the spanish civil war

Visor cap of a captian there you can see the badge of the crescent moon and the rifles wich is the symbol of these units

In the begining of the Spanish civil war troops waiting to be airlifted to the peninsula from Africa ( note de JU-52)

2008 Regulares on parade in the army day.

Recent picture of a corporal wearing the red tarbuch on maneuvers

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Re: Spanish african "regulares"

Great post. Rich A. in Pa.

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Re: Spanish african "regulares"

Very interesting thread...many thanks




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