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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 14-10-2015 13:32:33

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US WW2 Jungle Hammock

today i am very happy.
I received my last item of equipment to complete my US infantryman in pacific.

1942 US Jungle Hammock – weighs in at 3.5kg., transported in the jungle pack.

Developed over a period of several months in early-mid 1942, the US Jungle hammock was an ingenious piece of equipment designed for soldiers operating in the disease-ridden “green hell” of the Pacific islands. It was intended to provide shelter from rain, protection from flying disease-carrying insects, protection from crawling insects and vermin, all with the happy side effect of supplying the user with a comfortable place to sleep in all weathers.

Thousands of Jungle Hammocks were rushed to the Pacific Theatre in late 1942. Here’s what the Official History of the US Quartermaster service had to say about the jungle hammock.

Conspicuous among the pieces of equipment shipped from San Francisco in late 1942 was the jungle hammock, which was expressly designed for soldiers entering a combat area. This hammock was optimistically expected to take the place of tent, shelter half, canvas cot, and mosquito net in regions where these essential items could not be taken either because they were too cumbersome to carry or because of unsuitable terrain. One of the chief virtues ascribed to the hammock was that it permitted men to sleep off the ground and so avoid insects and dampness. Made of a lightweight duck fabric, it had a false bottom that provided a dead air space and prevented mosquitoes from biting the occupant’s back. Attached to and over this bottom was an enclosed zipper-opening mosquito net, which in turn was fastened to a rainproof canopy stretched over sticks placed in the ground. The hammock itself was suspended between neighboring trees. This ingenious piece of equipment never fulfilled the high hopes of its originators.
Light though it was, it still was too bulky to be carried easily. Most important of all, it proved impractical in operational zones. The Sixth Army reported that front-line troops did “not like to sleep above ground because of possible aerial bombing” and hostile infiltration, and “soldiers behind the line” wanted “to keep out of the way of
shrapnel.” In combat areas, the Sixth Army pointed out, it was “essential that troops sleep in fox-holes, dugouts,” or slit trenches.

Despite such reports, which flowed in from all parts of the Pacific, the OQMG continued to improve the hammock, simplifying its zipper opening and reducing its weight by increased use of nylon. More than 700,000 hammocks were manufactured in 1944, and 600,000 were scheduled for 1945 procurement. These articles, though not widely utilized by the combat troops for whom they had been developed, nevertheless proved valuable in other ways. Rear areas, recurrently afflicted by severe shortages of tentage and cots, found hammocks satisfactory substitutes. During the wet season, when rain fell incessantly for hours, flooding bivouac areas and preventing tents from being pitched, jungle hammocks kept the troops “high and dry during the sleeping hours.” Some men in rear areas, Lt. Col. D. B. Dill, OQMG observer, noted, consistently preferred them for the better protection they gave against crawling and flying insects and slept in them as often as they could. When constantly employed, jungle hammocks had one conspicuous disadvantage—speedy deterioration, which limited their life, according to Dill, to about forty-five days.
The hammock was also used by the Allies, especially by Australians



#2 14-10-2015 14:49:44

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Re: US WW2 Jungle Hammock

very interesting item ! thanks for the post



#3 14-10-2015 17:34:03

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Re: US WW2 Jungle Hammock

Cool. Not something you see every day.

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#4 15-10-2015 03:17:11

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Re: US WW2 Jungle Hammock

Nice hammock Zip! big_smile Does it have the date and manufacturer tag still attached to go with the instruction sheet you photographed? hmm  Barron



#5 15-10-2015 13:29:40

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Re: US WW2 Jungle Hammock

unfortunately there is not the label.
this is a second pattern, with Simplified zipper opening, more nylon and OD#7 colour.  So I think it is a late production.



#6 16-10-2015 16:27:52

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Re: US WW2 Jungle Hammock

That is nice. Rich A. in Pa.

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