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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 17-07-2014 05:10:50

Tin Soldier
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WW1 German/Prussian Artillery Summer Frock - Repro???

Now this is strange to say the least, it was sold as a repro from ebay USA but in some of the photos which there wasn't many
there seemed to be some interesting points. First off I have never seen a repro of this type of tunic and trust me I have looked at all
the repro sites on the net etc and most don't even come close to the real thing in all the different versions of WW1 German items.

But one of the things that caught my eye was the wear to the shoulder boards the other thing was that the way the detachable buttons on the
left side are connected to the tunic, it's the same way that they connect the helmet plate to the pickelhaubes/spiked helmets of the
German/Prussian Imperial period. They just used cut leather wedges and as you can see that's what they have also done here, but most of the
buttons have an RZM stamp on the back but maybe these are post war replacements???

But I thought even if it's a repro it's a good one for $150US that I could put on a mannequin with my WW1 Tropical Artillery Cap?
Then when it arrived in the post it actually wasn't a tunic but a frock which are a little bit longer (between a tunic & a greatcoat). Which made it even
more odd, then I started to notice other things that were not mentioned or shown in the photos on ebay???
It had more wear to the shoulder boards that I could see in the photos plus there is sweat stains around the collar, there is also some ghosting in
the second button hole where there was an Iron Cross Ribbon attached to the tunic before it faded. Plus there are two stamps down on the right cuff
on the front, which I don't  think the seller even knew was there as there was no mention of it and it's hard to see in certain light.
It's hard to read but there a two distinct stamps, the only part I can read for sure is the second word on the first stamp as can be seen in the photo
ROUEN which is a French town just north west of Paris.

This French town is too far south to have been occupied by the German Army during WW1 but is it possible that some material made in ROUEN was
in another town closer to the front line was acquired by a German officer and made into a frock by a military tailor that also did not see the stamps
on the material? I just don't know why these French stamps would be on the front of one cuff that can hardly be seen on a German tunic/frock???
Also the construction is fantastic and seems too good to be repro, possibly maybe a high quality museum made item but then why has it been worn
with sweat marks and natural fading with also some stains here and there??? What's going on here roll

There are some things that look new but then there are a lot of things that look old but maybe it's been made from old cloth but then I'm sure
you would want more than $150 for your effort in constructing this frock.

I have a very used WW1 French side bag I was given by a friend from France and I'm sure this is the same type of material, it's packed away at the
moment. But I can't wait to find it to compare to the frock? Anyway there are a few questions on this one, check out the photos, I added the Iron Cross Ribbon to the tunic just for the photos.


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#2 17-07-2014 10:27:13

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Re: WW1 German/Prussian Artillery Summer Frock - Repro???

A other beauty my Friend in mint condition....



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