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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 04-10-2012 21:04:23

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Gunter Halm Knights Cross Winner

Gunther Halm was born in Elze on the 27th August 1922. In October 1941 Gunther Halm voluntered for the armys motorized units and joined the Panzerjager Ersatzabteilung - reserve anti tank unit. In April 1942 he joined The Africa Korps (DAK) anti tank platoon of the Panzergrenadier Regiment 104. Gunter Halm was a cannonier of the 7.62 PAK gun commanded by Unteroffizier Jabeck. He saw action at the capture of Tobruk and on the 15th of July 1942, after destroying 2 British tanks at Bir Hatcheim, Gunther Halm was awarded the Iron Cross II class. On the 22nd of July 1942 the British Eighth Army counter attacked the middle of Rommels front at El Alamein. It was here that Halm destroyed 7 British tanks and continued to keep his gun in operation even after to of his fellow crew had been wounded. On the 23rd July 1942 Halm received the Iron Cross I from the regimental commnader Oberst Ewert. and on the 7th of August 1942 General Rommel awarded Gunther Halm the Knights Cross himself, and also at the same time he was given a verbal promotion by Rommel to Corporal. At the age of 19 he was the 2nd youngest recipient of the Knight Cross. In March 1943 is was hospitalised in Athens. In August 1943 he served with the Fallschirmjager-Lehrgang at Wischau, In March 1944 he was serving in France with the 1st Panzer Grenadier reg 192, 21st Panzer Divison during the invasion and became a prisoner of war on the 24th of August 1944, being relaesed in March 1946, returning to Germany. His promotions were: 1st July 1942 Gefreiter, 1st November 1942, Unteroffizier, 1st July 1943 Fahnenjunker, 1st ocotber 1943 Feldwebel, 1st Novmeber 1943 Oberfahnrich and 1st march 1944 rising to Leutnant.

His gun at El-Alamein a german website says this photo is:

Being presented his Knights Cross by Rommel ( note flies on his right sleeve, one was even in his ear and irritating him beyond belief but he had to keep still as Rommel was about to present him with his medal ! )

Gunter Halm in 2011 and with his wife after recent TV Documentary displaying his Knights Cross and Photo.

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Re: Gunter Halm Knights Cross Winner

I have contacted Herr Halm last year and he was very generous. He had sent me copies of his Urkunden plus his book signed and with a dedication.

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Re: Gunter Halm Knights Cross Winner

Great History Eddie !



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