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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 08-06-2012 10:19:56

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Epic Militaria Repro Uniform Help needed

I am new to DAK Living history, i bought a repro tunic, trousers and cap from Epic Militaria, i have badged the tunic as a Hauptmann Panzer gren, can anybody give me some advice on how to achieve that awsome worn look that the originals have.

The cap i soaked in a light bleach solution over night and it achieved the desired effect without turning it yellow:)

The tunic and trousers i have washed many times and have hung them out in the sun (when we have any)lol.  But it still looks quite new, i found running a hot iron over it gives the edges a nice effect.  A friend of mine recomended trying fabric colour stripper?

For the undershirt i am using a british airtech KD shirt- is this ok?.  One thing i do need help with is where can you get a good DAK tie from, i have never seen a photo up close of one so i dont know if you could find a good copy from a normal shop.

I have the ankle boots to wear with this, did they always wear gaiters?. i have seen some pics that show what appears to be bloused trousers.

Lastly on the insignia front i have an original 1st Class iron cross and a Panzer assult badge that i was going to put on it, did the panzer gren get awarded the panzer assult badge?

I am hoping to slowly build up a living hostory group around the 112 Panzer Gren Regt that took part in the Battle of alem hamza in Dec 1941.

Any help or advice that can be offered is greatly appreciated.

I will post some pics of the uniform soon



#2 08-06-2012 11:25:26

From: New Zealand
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Re: Epic Militaria Repro Uniform Help needed

Hi There - and Welcome!
Well, there isn't a quick way to age material that doesn't degrade it's integrity, so my advice is to wear it, wear it, wear it - with washes in between. Fake aging will always look fake....
Ankle boots with gaiters is unusual - not the norm. (What repro boots are you using?) Troops usually added string to the trouser cuff to close them agains't scorpian and dust. I have seen images of German troops using Allied '37 pattern gaiters when that was 'in vogue' (along with belts, shirts, shorts etc etc...) Keep refering to period images of troops in the field and copy that.
Allied shirt? No problems.
Infantry Assault Badge would be the norm that early, I would think (correct me if I'm wrong, anyone?!)
Look forward to seeing some images when you get the chance.

Student & Collector of WWII German Tropical Militaria



#3 08-06-2012 12:38:35

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Re: Epic Militaria Repro Uniform Help needed

Many thanks Mark, i think i am going to have to portray a unit after the early period, the insignia i have is the Panzer Gren Green, so that would place it after 1941?.  I also thought i could do the 90th Light Div.

Can you give me any advice on the Tie?

The ankle boots i am using are the canvass and brown leather type.

Many Thanks



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