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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 22-06-2018 14:34:15

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Web MP38/40 Magazine Pouch DKK

Hi, Iíve decided to repost photos of one of my MP38/40 magazine pouches after conducting much further research.   I was originally concerned it may be a repro, but Iím now a lot more confident that it is a genuine WWII item. 

From what Iíve been able to find, the evidence strongly suggests that it is an all web magazine pouch produced by Friedrich  Offermann und SŲhne Lederwarenfabrik  of Bensberg (near Cologne).   

As the pouch in my collection is fitted with the shorter D-ring strap this is an early (probably 1941) manufactured example.   

DKK was the three digit wartime code used by Offermann und SŲhne.  It appears that there are remnants of the DKK stamp on the inside of least one and possibly another of the closure flaps.   This is the location where the DKK stamps were placed by Offermannís workers on verified original examples.

Apart from the distinct materials used in construction, the other piece of evidence that supports original manufacture by Offermann is that one of the leather mounts for the metal securing lugs has the capital letters BE stamped on it. 

I believe that this was a scrap cut from a discarded older leather piece with the word BENSBERG stamped on it at the Offermann factory (possibly from a belt, holster etc.).

My magazine pouch appears to be identical in construction and materials with the MP38/40 pouch example that appears on page 250 of Robert Kurtzís book on Afrikakorps uniforms and equipment.

Iíve found some other very similar examples of DKK MP38/40 pouches, but all have leather straps.  The only exact matching example Iíve seen with the canvas straps is in the Kurtz book.

My pouch was bought from a dealer here in Australia, but unfortunately I canít provide details of its history and how it arrived hereÖ.

Of interest is that appears that the firm of Offermann continues to operate today in Cologne and is still in the companyís original business of manufacturing leather goods.

Regards Mark

Here are the photos:

The pouch in my collection on the left compared with the pouch in Kurtz's book on the right.

The reverse view - the pouch in my collection on the left compared with the Kurtz pouch on the right.

Further shots of the pouch in my collection....

Inside of cover flaps. DKK stamp (and possibly year 41 underneath) to at least the centre flap.

Leather mount to securing lug with BE (first part of word BENSBERG) stamped on it.  You can just make out the E under the stitching.

Rear of pistol holster showing the early manufacturer stamp for Offermann and the factory location of BENSBERG in capital letters...
I believe that a leather scrap from a similar item was used to make the supporting lug mount visible on my pouch as shown in above photo.

Here are links to the other DKK magazine pouches Iíve located with almost identical construction (except for the canvas straps)Ö. … hlight=dkk … 111209.htm … hlight=dkk … hlight=dkk

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#2 25-06-2018 06:27:00

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Re: Web MP38/40 Magazine Pouch DKK

Marcus, Look to be a nice original DAK MP38/40 magazine pouch

Many of the MP38/40 pouches seen on the market today are not repo as such but post war manufactured. With over 1.1 million guns manufactured up till 1945 many European armies used captured stocks of after the war and continued to have the pouches manufactured.


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#3 26-06-2018 03:10:53

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Re: Web MP38/40 Magazine Pouch DKK

Thanks Msteve, I would love to know the history of this piece and how it arrived in Australia. 

In hand it's obvious that it's been used - but where I'm highly likely never to know neutral

Regards Markus



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