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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 04-04-2017 10:04:04

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Italian GAF uniform m40

Ciao my friends
I want to show you now my recent acquisition.

It is a very rare G.A.F. complet uniform m 40 made in “panno doppia faccia”.

"Guardia alla frontiera“ (Guard at the border) was established in 1937. It was a Special Corps, including infantry, artillery, engineering and services, with the task of supervising the fortified line across the Italian border, allowing the army to use its big units for operational tasks.
GAF was divided into sectors ( Division in the army) and them were divided in 2 o 3 subsectors (Regiment).
The GAF soldiers were trained like "Alpini“. The only difference was the recruiting for. In order to not affect the same conscription areas (the Alpine valleys), GAF soldiers could be recruited from any military districts of the peninsula.
Physical fitness was the same request to the Alpini, but GAF required more, like possession of a high psychological health profile (es. excluding claustrophobic), for particular garrison life. Sometimes it took place in small blockhouse  with little available space, and very often in conditions of extreme hardship. An example for all: the 515 ^ G.A.F. btr. garrisoned Fort  Chaberton, in the Monginevro sector, at 3,130 meters altitude, among the perennial snows.
They had the same uniforms and equipment of Alpine troops.
Like the alpini they wore the alpine cap with GAF badge and „nappina“ but characteristically without pen.
This of course caused their derision by the Alpini.
During the war GAF went to oversee the new occupied areas, such as Albania, Slovenia, Croatia and France, and participated in numerous  action of fighting.
After September 8, 1943, particularly challenging was the defense of  the northeastern border coverage areas. Here GAF strongly fought the German troops trying to break into Italy from the Balkans. Because of the extreme shortage of men and ammunition German armored divisions broke through the front.

My new uniform.
It is very rare, the only one I've seen so far. Furthermore Tunic and pants have the same acceptance stamp:
This indicates that both are from the same military unit (very very rare).
Very interesting is to see the rear pocket "cacciatora" in a late m40 tunic made in “panno doppia faccia”.

Tunic and pants are as founded, not yet washed.

The  autonomous subsector "Levanna" was separated from IX sector in 1940 and
garrisoned Rocciamelone - Cima Galisia, two mountains of alps at the french border.
We can see the bunker 201 at Stronghold "Malciaussia".



#2 04-04-2017 15:09:29

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Re: Italian GAF uniform m40

Great uniform! Rich A. in Pa.

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#3 21-04-2017 13:29:25

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Re: Italian GAF uniform m40

Great history and uniform...thank you !!



#4 22-04-2017 08:59:28

The Magpie
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Re: Italian GAF uniform m40

Just Outstanding ! Always like it when we can tie the uniform to its history. Thanks.



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