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#1 29-11-2016 23:58:17

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Italy Carabinieri Military Police, maybe, badge with ribbon

I am very interested in the history of this piece. But, I am having a hard time finding even an example of the badge & ribbon. Italy is not within my areas of expertise so I'm near clueless. However, one image indicated- Italian Carabinieri Military Police badge. Help, if you can.

1. Is this Colonial, WWI, WWII? EV or VE = Officer or a branch of military?
2. Is this something that is not seen very often? Would it be of some value to a museum or maybe a collector?
If you think it is historically significant & better off as a museum piece let me know. We have a nice WWII museum in New Orleans. I would also like input on what an expert or collector would place the monetary value as. I hate to ask but, if I donate its my tax write off. If I sell it, the info is good to know.

Meanwhile, I don't collect Italy unless its someone I knew. If I don't have the back-story then the piece has not lived. At the moment, I cant figure out how I got this. Everyone knows I'm a military researcher* and collector, yet somewhat specific. So, it could have been left for me at my Moms. (*huh, this post is a real good example of my genius researching capability)

I am tracking down the wife of a guy. Until I hear from her, my suspect was likely WWII US 265th Field Artillery Battalion. I am not yet sure of their campaigns but surely ETO. A major clue, when I was a kid he gave me a German coin. If it's him, I don't want $. Its either keep, our town museum or WWII museum.

Thank you for your interest and I appreciate all assistance. ~aj



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Re: Italy Carabinieri Military Police, maybe, badge with ribbon

Ciao AirAnn

this is an italian frontal badge for Royal Carabinieri pith helmet, under it we can see the cockade in its little size.
Officer badge usually are made in hand-embroidered braid.
"V E" stand for the Italian king initials "Vittorio Emanuele".

During WW II RRCC ( Royal Carabinieri ) participated in several major battles in AOI ( Italian East Africa colony ) to contain the British offensive in 1941. They fought with true bravery in the battles of Cheren and of Amba Alagi.
The top of this heroic behavior occurred in the defense of Culquaber (6 August to 21 November 1941) in Gondar, with the supreme sacrifice of all the members of the Carabinieri Battalion involved. For this act of extreme sacrifice the battalion had the honor of being mentioned in the bulletin n ° 539 of the Supreme Command and the battle flag was awarded with its second Gold medal of valor.

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Re: Italy Carabinieri Military Police, maybe, badge with ribbon

Thanks for the valuable information caro amico.

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