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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 04-09-2016 23:16:56

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My tour in the WWII sites of Sicily

Hi mates
I have just finish my holiday in Sicily and I am very satisfied. Aside from seeing fantastic areas from the point of view historical archaeological, geographical and gastronomic I visited the most famous combat areas of the south and east Sicily in WWII.

Here are some photos of the American landing "red beach", near Licata (we can see it in the background of the first photo). In the red beach landed the 3rd ID on 10 July 1943 with the task of conquering the port of Licata.

note the bunker had been camouflaged with rocks and sand!
An American crew checks their Sherman tank after landing at Red Beach 2, Sicily on 10 July
Remains of the Italian Navy armed train "T.A. 76/2/T", destroyed by USS Bristol while opposing the landing at Licata

Here we are on the street between Licata and Gela, we can still see many bunkers.
They are of two types, a smaller one for the machine guns and one more large for anti-tank guns. They are positioned in groups of three, two small and a large one in the middle.

below is the big one

here is the smaller one

Hope this enjoy you. Sequel in a second post.

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#2 05-09-2016 00:12:55

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Re: My tour in the WWII sites of Sicily

Great pics! Rich A. in Pa.

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#3 05-09-2016 03:19:35

T Ambrosini
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Re: My tour in the WWII sites of Sicily

Great stuff!  I was stationed in Sicily from 1985-86 while in the US Air Force.  I remember those bunkers well.  I lived in Gela for 2-3 months, then in Comiso for the remainder of a year.  Thanks for the memories!




#4 06-09-2016 16:35:34

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Re: My tour in the WWII sites of Sicily

Wow.Great photos.Thanks for posting them



#5 13-09-2016 13:11:57

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Re: My tour in the WWII sites of Sicily

Shit i had missed this part.

Grazie Marco. Very nice pictures. I have only been once to Sicily, in 1994. Unfortunately the tour didn't include such historical sites.

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#6 19-09-2016 11:07:00

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Re: My tour in the WWII sites of Sicily

Great trip !!!



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