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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 23-04-2016 00:29:13

Friend Of DAK Forum
From: Australia
Registered: 05-12-2011
Posts: 470

M40 Panzer cap for review

Here a Panzer enlisted mans M40 cap currently been offered for sale

What are your opinions on the cap?

Full sale description can be found here … amp;phqu=9

Mark S

Collector of DAK & Panzer Militia
Great Southern Land



#2 23-04-2016 05:25:56

DAK Member
Registered: 16-04-2016
Posts: 39

Re: M40 Panzer cap for review

Something odd about those grommets...



#3 23-04-2016 20:20:59

From: Cyprus
Registered: 05-09-2013
Posts: 2500

Re: M40 Panzer cap for review

Everything looks ok except the grommets. It's like they are placed inside out but still look odd.

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#4 23-04-2016 22:01:17

T Ambrosini
DAK Member
From: Sacramento, CA
Registered: 21-12-2014
Posts: 37

Re: M40 Panzer cap for review

A close in-hand inspection would be needed, but I wonder if this started life as an overseas cap and was later converted with the addition of the bill and grommets?  EDIT:  I see the false ear flap is sewn to the body of the cap, not free around the edges like an OS cap.  No stitching goes through the liner, so maybe it was sewn down when the crown of the cap was off/being replaced?

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#5 24-04-2016 00:56:05

From: Paris
Registered: 06-04-2011
Posts: 1953

Re: M40 Panzer cap for review

looks a strange color on the top...



#6 24-04-2016 09:08:18

Friend Of DAK Forum
From: Australia
Registered: 05-12-2011
Posts: 470

Re: M40 Panzer cap for review

I'm of the opinion the base cap is original and this is one of several that have surfaced over the last few years with different shades of cloth used in construction.

Another collector who has had discussions in the past about this cap told me

"The one big issue is that the soutache is a post war replacement and was added by someone opening up the cap, sewing the soutache in, then closing the cap up and machine sewing around the lower edge. You can clearly see the olive thread used to do this as well as the shadows (tan) where the original thread sat.. It would have been a nice cap without the soutache been added and at about a third of the asking price."

Its an interesting point re; cap restoration

1) Leave it as found, for example, no cockade, cap eagle or soutache
2) others seem happy to restore cockades and cap eagles
3) Replace soutache, which seems to be big NO NO , I guess it because it requires in most incidents altering the seam of the cap

You could argue if your replacing a cockade or eagle, why not relace the soutache with original material, especially where the soutache tucks into the cap body.

MarK S

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Collector of DAK & Panzer Militia
Great Southern Land



#7 26-04-2016 03:37:43

From: New Zealand
Registered: 08-04-2011
Posts: 1069

Re: M40 Panzer cap for review

DAK D wrote:

This cap is a standard M40 tropical cap that has been manufactured using different colours of tropical twill and there is nothing wrong with that. The grommets need to be looked at, but I think they are probably good, as they look like they are made of zinc. (See photo 4 inside cap view)

I know exactly what has gone on with this cap and I would not buy it, as the liner has been opened, so a Panzer soutache could be added. I will state that this was done by a collector before the shop purchased the cap.

So an interesting cap has been ruined and it is a real shame.


Agreed - a real shame it's been monkeyed with. I would have thought the listing description would have been more open about the re-applied soutache, but there you go.

Student & Collector of WWII German Tropical Militaria



#8 17-06-2016 23:33:32

The Magpie
Veteran DAK Member
Registered: 29-06-2011
Posts: 646

Re: M40 Panzer cap for review

As I have been away from this Forum for a bit allow me to comment on several dated threads. This cap itself is probably ok. Would like better pics or hands on.  As Mark mentions recently the last few years we have seen two-toned material used on M40s, so that's not a "tell" by itself. Really need to see the grommets inside & out on this one. The fact that the previous owner added a soutache does not speak well about the cap. Also the stamps are interesting and leave some doubt that 1951 ?

Remove the soutache and leave it as is.




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