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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

#1 15-04-2015 23:58:54

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Italian SS Uniform?

I'm confident the insignia is fake, but what about the uniform itself? It doesn't look like an Italian Sahariana uniform, the cut is different, and looks more like the German second model version, there's no labels or stamps in the jacket, the pants though have a German label, it doesn't seem recent, any ideas on this? the cap has the words "Giano Roma" stamped in it



#2 16-04-2015 09:53:08

From: Cyprus
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Re: Italian SS Uniform?

Hi, no idea about Italian militaria but the tunic is not German Sahariana. Or at least is not original.

Note the differences:
Size of pockets

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#3 19-04-2015 10:40:05

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Re: Italian SS Uniform?

Thanks so much for the pictures, I really appreciate it!



#4 10-05-2015 13:49:47

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Re: Italian SS Uniform?

I am hoping to identify this overall.  I am not convinced that it is DAK - but I thought it might be Italian.   I apologise for the photos in advance. They looked ok on my phone but not when I get them to the computer.  But someone should know what this is.

It is a one piece overall. Very similar to the Luftwaffe (blue) mechanics overalls.  It is in tan and very faded as you can see.  It has a vertical side pocket on both sides and a top pocket on the front left.  There is also a buttoned pocket on the back right.  There are some interesting draw strips of cloth at the feet and a fold over metal clip to hold them tight.

There are also 2 cotton draw strings on the inside of the waist and it has 5 concealed buttons down the front in a very Germanic style with them being covered over when in use.  There is also a small stitch between each one to enclose it more - again very similar to the panzer wrap over tunics.

Does anyone have any ideas ??

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