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New Forum about the DAK and Tropical German army, and Allied army in WW2 only

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Image Uploader

(Moderated by NZMark)

1 1 12-04-2012 12:32:24 by Sebastian.V

Afrika Korps Rules

(Moderated by NZMark)

3 36 29-01-2019 13:53:39 by mike hodge

Welcome Message

(Moderated by NZMark)

139 982 26-05-2020 23:10:27 by RRA227
217 2388 28-05-2020 12:13:46 by msteve21

DAK Tropical Uniform

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(Moderated by NZMark)

232 2387 31-05-2020 21:57:47 by msteve21

DAK Tropical insignas

Mon image A eagle? or other DAK Tropical insignias? this forum is for you

(Moderated by NZMark)

152 1287 10-05-2020 11:35:57 by Diong1938

DAK Tropical Equipment

Mon image A thread about the DAK Tropical Belt, Gaz mask, and other items...

(Moderated by NZMark)

254 2366 03-05-2020 09:46:55 by Sim

DAK Photography And Document

Mon image A new Forum about the DAK Tropical photography and Document only.

(Moderated by NZMark)

84 939 24-04-2019 10:01:17 by Markus

Dak Collection

Mon image A thread for your Dak collection...

(Moderated by NZMark)

74 628 27-06-2019 10:31:55 by msteve21

Dak History

Mon image A forum about the historical Dak army, battle, information, great Generals and other are welcome...

(Moderated by NZMark)

25 184 03-01-2019 02:01:13 by Markus

The Enemy of the Dak Army

Mon image A special forum about the enemy of German army in Afrika in WW2, Royal army, Us Army, French army are welcome ( uniform, items, documents...)

(Moderated by NZMark)

140 1021 27-10-2019 10:12:11 by KeithTurner

Italian Army in Desert

Mon image A bonus forum about the German allied in Afrika ( Italian cap, helmet, document are welcome...)

(Moderated by NZMark)

75 609 26-01-2019 10:03:00 by KeithTurner

Tropical Other War

This is a New forum about the other tropical war, Iraq, Vietnam, WWI and more are Welcome...

(Moderated by NZMark)

33 365 29-05-2020 00:10:16 by jackewing

Feldgrau German Uniform

A extra forum about the other German army uniform, Feldgrau, grey, black and other tunics are welcome here !

(Moderated by don_kihotis7)

56 296 17-04-2020 22:58:46 by Sebastian.V

German Helmet WWII

A Continental German Helmet forum in WW II only for identification, collection or other...
25 202 18-02-2019 00:19:25 by msteve21

Feldgrau German Headgears

A forum about the Feldgrau German caps in WWII only.

(Moderated by don_kihotis7)

53 357 31-01-2020 10:18:00 by Sebastian.V

Allied Army in WW II

A new forum about the Allied uniform army in WW II, US, English, French and other welcome !
13 95 16-07-2016 15:02:02 by RRA227

WW I Military Items

A new forum about WWI, Uniform, items and other are welcome !
46 258 16-03-2020 15:26:56 by RRA227

Dak Pub

A great news in your collection ? or other ? it's your forum

(Moderated by NZMark)

156 2124 30-05-2020 00:43:38 by RRA227

Dak Estand

Sell or buy a DAK items or other tropical stuff ?

(Moderated by NZMark)

110 382 23-05-2020 16:37:38 by Pionier

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